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Tool Rentals

Equipment for rental in Foley, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and More in Southern Alabama

Do you need a tool or a piece of equipment for a project? Before you go out and drop a bunch of cash to buy one, consider this: someone nearby might have one that you can rent.

This platform connects you with the people nearby who own the tools you need.
It works in reverse, also. Use this site to rent your tools to other people.

Rent Indoor Tools and (Power Tools) for DIY, Rennovations around Foley, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama

When you need to dry out carpet, tile, hardwood floors, cabinets, closets, and other indoor spaces, rent a blower or a high-volume fan.

Carpet Cleaners
Do you need to clean the carpet in your house? In a vehicle? Find the best model for your project. When you don’t want to buy a carpet cleaner, just rent one to keep carpets free of dirt, dust, and allergens.

Tile and Grout Steam Cleaners
Hard flooring cleaners are great pieces of equipment to rent. Get tile, grout, marble, and concrete deep-cleaned with these workhorse machines without giving up space to store them.

Floor Strippers
For those jobs you may only do once every ten years. Remove carpeting, underpadding, tile, vinyl, parquet, and glue with floor strippers and hammer carts.

Carpet Installation Tools
Installing your own carpet? Rent carpet installation equipment for the job.
  • Carpet Kicker—for stretching carpet
  • Carpet Power Stretcher—stretch larger carpet sections
  • Carpet Seamer—for melting seam tape for a permanent bond between two rolls of carpet
  • Carpet Stapler—for installing carpeting
When you need to heat a garage, workshop, or construction site, rent a heater. Heaters run on different kinds of fuels and can be rented in various sizes.

Pipe Tools
Rent crimper sets for crimping copper rings; pipe threaders for cutting grooves or threads into the ends of pipes; and pipe cutters for cutting through cast iron, cement, and clay pipe.

What substance do you need to capture? Water? Drywall dust? Concrete grinder dust? Vacuums are designed to capture specific media. The typical wet/dry vacuum cleaner is suitable for general cleanup, including floors, decks, patios, courtyards, garages, outdoor furniture, vehicles, and boats. When you need to collect airborne particles, rent a vacuum designed for that purpose.
Outdoor Tool Rentals Foley Alabama

Use chainsaws for cutting and trimming applications. Good for landscaping projects, including sawing off branches and cutting down trees. Chainsaws are available in battery-powered, gas-powered, and electric models. Guide bar lengths vary, as do chain speeds. Look for one that has enough power and a long enough blade for the project you’re doing. Don’t forget safety equipment when using chainsaws.

Pressure Washers
What type of cleaning job are you tackling? Light projects can be done with homeowner-grade pressure washers. Rent a more powerful one (3500-4000 PSI or higher) for tougher projects with a large scope. Pressure washers are good for concrete cleaning, mold removal, building washing, and sanitizing.

Surface Cleaners
These attach to pressure washers. They are 12”-36” discs with a brush around the rim to support the disc over the surface being washed. A spinning bar with nozzles on the underside of the disc does the cleaning work, not the brush.

Drain Cleaners
Got blockages in your drain or sewer lines? Large drain cleaning equipment will clean blockages in mains that go from house to street as well as indoor floor drains. Medium drain cleaners can handle downspout work plus kitchen, bath, and laundry drains.

Post Hole Augers
Augers drill holes into the ground for fence posts, deck posts, sign anchors, soil samples, and landscaping tasks. Rent a one-person or two-person auger for smaller jobs. Rent a tow-behind auger for larger jobs.

Post Hole Diggers
A manual tool with two long handles and a pair of long curved steel blades.

For that occasional hauling project, rent a trailer. You can find dump trailers, flatbed trailers, landscape trailers, and heavy equipment trailers.
Foley Alabama Power Tool Rentals

Air Compressors
Air compressors provide power to tools like spray painters, pneumatic nail guns, and air ratchets. They also are useful for inflating tires. They come in a range of sizes, from small handhelds to heavy-duty, high-output models. They are powered by gas, battery, and electricity.

Drills & Drivers
Cordless or corded, drills and drivers are used for drilling into concrete, wood, and metal and fastening different kinds of screws. Specialty drills include hammer drills, mud mixing drills, and right-angle drills.

For power on a camping trip or a project out on the back 40, rent a generator. These engines will run RVs, household appliances, computers, saws, drills, and air compressors. Most run on gas, propane, or diesel.

Handheld Sanders
These tools, powered by battery or electricity, are for smooth wood finishing in carpentry and woodworking applications. Sanders also remove paint and rust in preparation for painting.

Nailers & Staplers
  • Air Brad Nailer—for trim nailing applications
  • Air Crown Stapler—lathing applications
  • Air Finish Nailer—for precision installation of crown molding, casings, baseboards, and flooring
  • Finish Nailer—for installing casings, cabinets, and molding
  • Air Coil Siding Nailer—siding and fencing work
  • Air Coil Roofing Nailer—for attaching roof shingles, panels, and flashing
  • Air Framing Nailer—for framing, sheathing, and decking work
  • Air Floor Stapler—for attaching laminate and engineered hardwood flooring
  • Floor Nailer—for installing hardwood and bamboo flooring
  • Floor Cleat Nailer—for harder wood flooring materials, including exotic hardwoods
Paint Sprayers
Why buy a paint sprayer when you can just rent a paint sprayer? Rent as much machine as you need for the job. Cordless, corded, compact, or professional-grade—you can find what you need for rent rather than purchase.

For framing, woodworking, and window and door installation, rent an electric door planer.

Rentable saws are available to meet a range of needs:
  • Jamb Saw—for work on door jambs and molding
  • Jig Saw—cuts out detailed patterns
  • Reciprocating Saw—the blade goes back and forth for the cut
  • Toe Kick Saw—use this tool to remove underlayment in a cabinet or counter
  • Circular Saw (various sizes)—cuts wood and masonry
  • Miter Saw (various sizes)—for woodworking and carpentry projects; cuts angles precisely
  • Table Saw—cut sheets of wood as well as smaller pieces with this saw
  • Tile Saw—for cutting ceramic tile

For that once-in-a-blue-moon job that requires an extra-tall ladder, rent one, don’t buy one.
lawn care equipment and tools for rent in foley Alabama

Lawn Mowers
Find walk-behind mowers, self-propelled mowers, riding mowers, and lawn tractors. You’ll see a variety of available deck widths.

Leaf Blowers
Handheld blowers, backpack blowers, and walk-behind (wheeled) blowers are size variations of this landscaping cleanup tool. Battery-powered, gas-powered, or electric.

Lawn Vacuum
Forget about raking leaves. Rent a lawn vac to pick up leaves, grass, small sticks, and debris from turf and paved areas.

Lawn Rollers
Need to smooth out a bumpy lawn or flatten molehills and anthills? Lawn Rollers are filled with sand or water and can be pushed or towed behind a tractor.

This piece of equipment is great for hauling things around a yard—but it takes up space in a garage or shed. So, if space is at a premium, a wheelbarrow is a great tool to rent.

Aerators are wheeled machines with rotating tines that penetrate turf and soil, loosening both slightly to promote airflow. Rent instead of buying because this is a piece of lawn equipment that you use only occasionally. Rent a towable aerator for large open areas that need treating.

When a layer of thatch over one inch thick has built up between the base of grass blades and the soil, you may want to remove it to allow more air and water to get to the ground. Rent a wheeled, walk-behind dethatcher for the job.

The perfect tool for creating crisp edges in the turf that grows against flatscapes such as driveways and pathways. These are available in lightweight, handheld models as well as heavy-duty, wheeled models.

Sod Cutters
Replacing turfgrass? Use a sod cutter to remove old turf in preparation for laying down new sod.

String Trimmers/Weed Eaters/Brush Cutters
String trimmers (also called weed eaters or weed whackers) are long poles with a spinning head on one end. Nylon cord is threaded through the head. The two spinning cord ends create a cutting plane that swiftly takes down weeds, grass, and brush. Gas, battery, and electric powered.

Pole Saw or Power Pruner
When extra-long reach is needed for tree pruning, a pole saw or power pruner is the tool for the job. Most models are extendable for maximum reach.

Hedge Trimmers
Available in gas-powered, battery-powered, and electric models. Long-reach cutting blades make hedge trimming quick and easy.

Pole-Mounted Hedge Trimmers
When you have tall or broad hedges, rent a pole-mounted hedge trimmer for extra reach.

Backpack Sprayer
When you have large areas to spray with a product, rent a backpack sprayer. The tank rests on your back. Generate working pressure with a left-hand lever while directing the spray nozzle with the right hand.

Fertilizer Spreaders
Distribute granular fertilizer efficiently in this lightweight, walk-behind, wheeled applicator. When garage space is in short supply, rent this bulky item rather than buying and storing it.

Slice up clay and hard soil and bring rocks to the surface with this tool. Small to heavy-duty models can be rented.

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